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Cheap Crates are for the Birds!

I cannot count how many of those typical wire crates my dogs have broken! It seems as though they can break it by looking at it. Nothing gives me more anxiety than leaving my house and coming home to a disaster zone due to crate failure. I've lost more shoes and given funerals to so many stuffed animals than I can remember. A friend of mine introduced me to the Heavy Duty Crate Club. I bought my first one and never looked back. Every single dog that I have gets one. For those who mess in their crates, the mess goes through the grate on to the tray below. Nothing gives me more peace of mind than knowing all of my babies are safe while I run my errands. Listen, if my males can't get out even when they smell a female in heat, no dog can.

I have tried a few different options.

The one I use the most is the WOKEEN 48 Inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate on Amazon. The hardest part about this crate is carrying it up my stairs to build it. From start to finish, it takes about 10 minutes to construct. They include all of the tools you'll need to build it. It's easy to clean with the removable trays. I can feed my pups inside of it by opening the top of the crate and putting the food inside. I don't think I will EVER purchase a different crate for my Corsi.

Here is a picture of two of my pups with their crates in my bedroom. I really do use these y'all!

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