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Our Females

At DTM Cane Corso, we have four females.


Hela is our foundation female. She produces well-balanced puppies with great temperaments. She is a wonderful, attentive mother. She's a sweet female who will defend her family at all costs. Hela reads off of her family well. If her people are nervous, she's on guard. If her people are relaxed, she's watchful but calm. Her temperament is truly remarkable.

Nala (Bellona Del Baki Casa)

Bellona is an import from Serbia. She goes by the name of Nala. Her best friend is my son Dominic. Protective as all hell, but friendly when she needs to be. Her puppies will be a great asset to any home!

Lagertha Sangue Magnifica

This beauty is another Serbian import! She comes from a great line of dogs. This dog is the epitome of great breeding. Her confidence is unparalleled. She is the perfect example of the Cane Corso. We are excited to have her as an addition to our home and our program!

O Helgi Sunsahin Lapovo

This female is from Serbia as well. She is from a different line than my other two Serbian imports. She is a thick, well-built girl. I expect tons of beautiful, large puppies from her! She trusts completely! Our family loves her to pieces!

Zima En Una Palabra AKA Minerva

This girl is a stunner! She is beautifully structured and very large! We got her at a year old from Tre Cani Kennels in Serbia. Her favorite thing to do is run with her brother.

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