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Price List


Our puppies are pretty equal in structure and temperament. We take deposits for upcoming litters and place you on a waiting list. Puppies are picked in order of deposits. All first pick females and first pick males are reserved for us. If we don't keep a puppy, we will move the waitlist up appropriately. Ear crop is offered at an additional cost of $500. This is for Limited Registration. I do offer Full registration very selectively. The deposit for this puppy is $500. Our deposits are nonrefundable.

Payments accepted

We accept all forms of credit cards and debit cards. Using a credit or debit card will incur an additional charge. We accept Venmo, Cash app, and Apple Pay. We will not accept PayPal due to the charges for both the customer and the breeder.

Ear Crop Notes

As a breeder, I try to offer ear crop as a service we can get done for our clients; however, the ability to find veterinarians who offer this service is becoming more and more difficult. Because of this, vets who offer this service tend to be booked out months in advance. I do have a good relationship with my vet and I can usually get my pups scheduled when they are born. I hope to continue to offer this service in the future!

Our Policies

We dock the tails on all of the puppies regardless of when your deposit was received. We will not offer a puppy without a docked tail. If you place your deposit before the age to crop the dog's ears, you'll have a choice on whether or not to crop. Our vet does the crop for $450. We also purchase supplies to care for the ears and to keep them posted. The total cost of an ear crop from us is $500. This ensures that your pup's ears are kept clean and posted. We do offer a health guarantee and we do have a contract. If you are serious about your purchase, you'll have to sign and agree to the contract. If you have specific questions, we are always available to chat.

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